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Our company prides itself in providing expert electrical solutions and services that cater to the specific needs of our clients.

Electrical CoC's

A Certificate of Compliance ensures that all applicable safety and compliance requirements are met and adhered to. We provide several certification solutions, such as:

  • SANS 10142-1 Electrical COCs for maintenance and insurance purposes
  • SANS 10313 and SANS 62305 Lightning Protection Sytem’s COCs
  • SANS 10222 Electric Fence System’s COCs
  • OHS (Occupational Health and Safety Act) of 1993
  • SANS 10400 National Building Code Inspections

Lightning Protection Systems

Our company is among the select few certified entities in South Africa authorised to supply proper and authorised lightning protection services. We are the founding members of LPPSA, and are certified to design, supply, install and test.

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Solar PV

A solar system installed by a professional ensures proper functioning and longevity, while complying to best practices and all the safety standards. You can then confidently depend on reliable, uninterrupted power for years to come.

Electrical Maintenance And Fault Finding

Our team has the knowledge and experience to not only meet your expectations but exceed them. Don’t wait until an unexpected power outage to realise how much you depend on reliable electrical supply.

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Power Factor Correction is a proven solution. It is the process of compensating for lagging current by introducing leading current methods using capacitors to a power supply. Reduce electricity demand costs with our Power Factor Correction systems, cost effectively.

Franchise and Outlet Development

Over the years we’ve done numerous development projects for names such as MTN, Vodacom, Old Mutual, Prominent Paints, Beaver Canoe, Econo Foods, Growth Point, PEP Stores and many more.

Thermal Imaging

Many insurers and planned maintenance efforts require annual or routine thermal imaging inspections to find and identify future faults and problems, relating to failing electrical equipment or loose connections. By using thermal imaging we can identify these problems long before they happen in a controlled environment.

IT/LAN Cabling

While doing installation work on new or existing projects, we can install third party cabling at the same time.

Lightning and Surge Protection for Insurance

We are duly qualified to design, supply, install, test, certify and earth Lightening Protection Systems in domestic, commercial, and industrial applications, which includes explosives depots, flammable and combustible plants, water treatment plants, schools, churches, hospitals and many more.

Insurance Work

We are on book with various insurance houses as a preferred service provider for PSG, Old Mutual Insure, Outsurance, Santa, as well several independent brokers.

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Our Qualifications

  • MIETTB (Mining & Industrial Engineering Trades Training Board) Red Seal qualified electrician – registration nr. – MWT10810 (1993)
  • Installation Electrician/Wireman’s license – IE19885 (1993)
  • Lightning Protection Surge and Earthing Specialist – (2008)
  • ECB (Electrical Conformance Board) Member 2542 since 1993
  • SABS Voluntary Member of SANS 10313 working group
  • Authorised members of LPPSA (LPP2003) since 2010
  • Department of Labour Registered Electrical Contractors no NW00084


A comprehensive property inspection will need to be conducted, during which all identified faults will be duly noted for rectification. Following this assessment, the customer will be presented with the information and given the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding whether they wish to proceed with repairs, replacements, or removals. A projected time estimate for the necessary work will be provided, and once approved by the customer, the execution of the required tasks will commence.

Kindly reach out to Hendrik using WhatsApp (+27 82 493 6090) to provide specific information regarding the job at hand. Include your full name, surname, and address, along with a description of the required tasks.

If your property features a thatch roof, the installation of lightning protection systems is highly advisable and recommended. HVI is accepted by all major insurance companies as a safer, more reliable solution than conventional masts.

We strongly recommend both the provision and installation of equipment by our own team to guarantee compatibility, compliance and reliability across all components.

Unfortunately, conventional lightning poles may pose a significant risk if not properly installed, making them ineffective for ensuring your safety. Furthermore, there is an increased likelihood of these poles falling onto your roof. To mitigate such risks, we solely provide installations of HVI finials, which have proven to be a safer and more reliable solution.

Installing solar panels on your roof may seem like a simple task. For legal and safety purposes, only installation electricians with a wireman’s license are authorised to design and install solar equipment. Not even regular electricians are legally authorised to install solar, as their training does not cover DC circuits and equipment. We are fully authorised and accredited to install solar legally.

We are fully devoted to ensuring an unparalleled electrical contracting and consultation experience.

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