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Lightning Protection, Surge Protection & Earthing Services

Introduction - SANS 10313:2012 & IEC 63205 i, ii, iii, iv

We specialize nationwide in the manufacture, installation, Testing & Certification and maintenance of lightning conductors - or Air Termination Systems (ATS) in Lightning Protections Systems (LPS) for the protection of buildings & thatched roofs in accordance to SABS Standards 10313:2010 and the Code of Practice: SABS IEC 63205. SANS certificates are issued upon installation or maintenance of the lightning protection systems for structural insurance purposes. We also desin, Install, Certify and Maintain Faradays Cage installations, with Earth Bonding to Ground Earthing Systems, on and over buildings.

The installation of masts (poles) to protect thatched roofs is used to reduce inherent dangers of the risks due to lightning flashes. Sometimes - the buildings that need protection, is simply too big, or too high and therefore impractical, to install typical lightning masts.


Consider the ageing of the thatch in grass covered roofs, - while often covered with loose fibres (e.g. grass) which are easily ignitable! In the event of possible damp thatches, flammable gasses can also be involved. The presence of metals in or on the thatch, reinforced concrete structures, could give rise to sparking inside the thatch, with a resulting fire risk.

What is the Purpose of LPS, ATS Certification ?

SANS 10313:2012 & SANS 62305 parts i, ii, iii & iv among several others, shows all there is to know about the design, implementation, testing & certification of lightning protection systems (LPS), which is used to protect a space against the effects of lightning - managing the relevant risks associated. It consists of both external (structural protection) and internal (electrical equipment) lightning protection systems. An air termination system (ATS) that consists of one or more masts that cover the structure or area to be protected with the appropriate shielding angle and that will successfully intercept lightning strokes.

How does Lightning operate ?


Earthing & Ground Resistivity