eFlux Electrical CC

Fully Registered & Accredited Electrical Contractor


We are dedicated to providing the best Electrical Contracting & Consultation experience available.

Our goal is to maximize the intelligent, efficient use of electrical energy, within your budget- whether it be maintenance, or development. Industrial, Commercial or Residential - we can, and want to be your solution. 

A little bit of planning, sidesteps a whole lot of problems.

Needs, Wants and then there's the Budget ...

- We customize a plan & design your energy applications / solution, to suit your immediate and long term goals. We will choose to inform, to make an informed decision.

Already have your own plans & projections? We fall in and adapt to yours and stick to deadlines. 

Feel free to contact us to be informed of newest technology advancements - we might just save you thousands, and some headaches too!.

What we do... 

  • Electrical Maintenance and New Outlet Development
  • Industrial, Commercial & Residential Development and Maintenance
  • Lightning & Surge  Protection Designers, Installers & Certification of LPS & ATS including early warning mechanisms
  • Earthing Specialists - we do cad-welding for underground copper and also multi-material connections between copper and Aluminium. Faradays Cage installations over and on buildings.
  • Energy Efficiency Consultants - Heating, Lighting & Variable Speed Motors, VFD's, VSD's, SoftStarters, Star/Delta Starters

Authorized AGENT, INSTALLER & North West 1st line Maintenance for :

  • ITS Solar & Heat Pump & Photovoltaic Energy Efficiency Technologies
  • AnaDigi Systems - Variable Speed Drives, PLC's, HMI etc.
  • UPS Direct

Certification Centre : We Test, Assess, Certify, Install and Maintain

  • Electrical Certificates of Compliance - Buildings, Plants, Shops & Machinery
  • Lightning Protection, Surge Protection - Founding member of ELPA (SA) - the Earthing and Lightning Protection Association of South Africa. we Design, Install, do Testing & Certificationof Any Lightning Protection System.
  • Electric Fencing - Install, Test $ Certification
  • Insurance Contractors - Momentum, SAIS, Europ Assist, Outsurance, etc.
  • We are glad to help you!


About Us

eFlux Electrical is passionate about intelligent and efficient use of energy.

Also,- paperwork concerning callouts and jobacards need to be handled efficiently to streamline the administrative process. eFlux Electrical, proves Contracting Genius here!

Yes - energy is expensive, and we cannot go without it, but so many consumers are wasting their energy resources unknowingly. We can rectify this. If you don't know to ask, how would you save or improve your bottomline ? 


Our team consists of highly skilled and certified electrical staff with more than enough experience. 

To learn about new techniques and innovative technologies, give us a go - we do consulting and energy efficiency audits as well.