eFlux Electrical CC

Intelligent - Efficient - Technology


We are dedicated to providing the best Electrical Contracting & Consultation experience available.

Our goal is to maximize the intelligent, efficient use of electrical energy, within your budget- whether it be maintenance, or development. Industrial, Commercial or Residential - we can, and want to be your solution. 

A little bit of planning, sidesteps a whole lot of problems.

Needs, Wants and then there's the Budget ...

- We customize a plan & design your energy applications / solution, to suit your immediate and long term goals. We will choose to inform, to make an informed decision.

Already have your own plans & projections? We fall in and adapt to yours and stick to deadlines. 

Feel free to contact us to be informed of newest technology advancements - we might just save you thousands, and some headaches too!.

What we do... 

  • Electrical Maintenance and New Outlet Development
  • Industrial, Commercial & Residential Development and Maintenance
  • Lightning & Surge  Protection Designers, Installers & Certification of LPS & ATS including early warning mechanisms
  • Earthing Specialists - we do cad-welding for underground copper and also multi-material connections between copper and Aluminium. Faradays Cage installations over and on buildings.
  • Energy Efficiency Consultants - Heating, Lighting & Variable Speed Motors, VFD's, VSD's, SoftStarters, Star/Delta Starters

Authorized AGENT, INSTALLER & North West 1st line Maintenance for :

  • ITS Solar & Heat Pump & Photovoltaic Energy Efficiency Technologies
  • AnaDigi Systems - Variable Speed Drives, PLC's, HMI etc.
  • UPS Direct

Certification Centre : We Test, Assess, Certify, Install and Maintain

  • Electrical Certificates of Compliance - Buildings, Plants, Shops & Machinery
  • Lightning Protection, Surge Protection - Founding member of ELPA (SA) - the Earthing and Lightning Protection Association of South Africa. we Design, Install, do Testing & Certificationof Any Lightning Protection System.
  • Electric Fencing - Install, Test $ Certification
  • Insurance Contractors - Momentum, SAIS, Europ Assist, Outsurance, etc.
  • We are glad to help you!